Thursday, November 3, 2011

Deals, Deals, Deals

Whew! What an end of the month! October came and went so quickly with so many new and exciting mortgages to complete for my clients. Overall I closed 7 loans last month, 5 Conventional Purchase, 1 Homepath Purchase, and 1 FHA Refinance. Not bad. Most of them were great.

I was able to help 2 couples upgrade from their current homes and into a bigger residences for their growing families, while qualifying them with both mortgage payments. Talk about win, win. Who says people can't get loans...

On the refinance, I saved a client over $100 per month and was able to get them a 30 YR fixed rate at 3.75%...unheard of.

On the other two purchases, I helped two great women buy the new place they are calling home. They were wonderful clients and I can't wait to help them for life.

The last deal is special. Imagine you are scheduled to sign your closing documents after waiting 3 months for the short sale approval and another month to get the financing in place and you get a call that says the seller is refusing to sign and is backing out of the deal. Thats' right. Game over. The end. It sure seemed that way for a while. In fact the entire night before the scheduled close we all thought for sure it wasn't going through. Well, lucky for me I was telling the story to another realtor friend who gave me some advice...I made a couple of calls...Let's just say at 8:30 PM on Friday night, I got a call from my client and she told me that the seller agreed to close. Lots of scrambling ensued on Saturday...thanks to Sheri Mays at Chicago Title and her assistant, we signed the seller, my client signed Monday morning and we recorded on the last day possible of the COE. It was a regular horror story that turned into a great story for my client. I couldn't have been happier for her as she deserved a better ending to the entire process than letting the seller just walk. Thanks goes out to all parties for working hard and never giving up, even when it would have been the easy thing to do.

That's been my month and we look forward to an even better and bigger November.

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