Thursday, November 7, 2013

Street of Dreams - Not just for the rich.

Since late October, the "Street of Dreams" as been open in Gilbert, AZ.  The last "Street of Dreams" in AZ was back in 2007 and so there has been pent up demand for homes like these.  They range from $1.7MM - $2.7MM in price and are absolutely exquisite.  Everything from two story waterfalls to kid-size chess sets on a balcony over looking the San Tan Mountains.  From garages with car lifts to chandeliers that hang from ceiling to floor: these homes show not only what a design team can do for these amazing estates, but what is possible in custom construction.

As part of Homeowners Financial Group USA, LLC, we have supported the Street of Dreams through the entire event and are ready and able to help make the dream become that reality.  With financing options for borrowers who don't want to use their cash to make the purchase, we can take care of everything from your lot purchase all the way through to completion.  Or if you find the home you love, we can finance the end purchase as well.  For a few years construction lending took a back seat while we worked through the mortgage crisis of 2008-2010, but in AZ where you can still find land to build on - custom home construction lending is making a come back.  The process is never easy, but if you want to build that dream home, instead of going to the cookie cutter lender down the street, then you have found  

Ultimately, you have to make the decision to come out and tour these amazing homes.  If it isn't your price range, no worries.  They have great ideas for those DIY'ers that want to renovate or rehab that bathroom or kitchen.  And if you are so inclined maybe on a smaller scale you want to buy a home and do some rehab but finance it (we have the option for that too). 

Don't miss out.  The event runs throughout November until December 1 and it costs $12 for general admission tickets.  If anything, it's a great couple of hours dreaming about putting yourself into that new home and seeing what is possible.

Here is the website for Whitewing Estates - they still have lots for sale.

Happy Dreaming!

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