Saturday, July 12, 2008

Three Easy Things to Discuss


Three EASY things to talk about...Sports, Weather, and the Implosion or seemingly near implosion of Fannie and Freddie (at least that is what the media says).

Okay here goes...

Sports - Diamondbacks can't find a hole to squirm into fast enough. With all the promise of April now comes the reality of a young team teetering on the verge of collapse. They salvaged a bit of self respect last night...but it took 11 innings to beat the lowly Nationals, but without April we would be the lowly Diamondbacks. Okay so it isn't that easy to stomach.

Weather - My poor tree in the front of the house looked as though the Big Bad Wolf was standing directly next to it and blowing with all his might. Granted the tree is no bigger than my forearm in diameter but still, the wind gusts last night in Phoenix reached 50 MPH not bad for a Thursday night Monsoon. Hopefully I am smart enough to stay inside and not have my car turned into a luxury four seat boat like some other guy on the freeway last night.

Anyone keeping score because I am 0-2 when it comes to things that are EASY to talk about...

Ah yes, the impending "implosion" of Fannie and Freddie. So I was a little late to reading the WSJ yesterday (it was about 10:30 last night) when I saw the article about the difficulty these two major Mortgage players were having. Fell asleep uneasy and awoke to find that the 41% loss in FNMA stock price by 6:45AM was not a good sign.
Couple that with Indy Mac this week and well...I am 0-3.

When I call you next week...maybe I will talk about "Wipeout" - the new show on ABC. At least then we can have a good laugh at the people bouncing of those big red balls (I do laugh every time - I can't lie). At least it is an escape from the other EASY things to discuss.


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