Friday, August 1, 2008

H.R. Bill 3221 - It will soon leave its mark.

I will not re-invent the wheel for discussion on the H.R. Bill 3221 that Bush signed in as law on Wednesday. I do, however, want to get the information out to you in an easy to access format so that you can read the information and understand what it all means.

  • The Arizona Mortgage Guru - Here is a great article that explains in detail the different ins and outs that go with the new Bill. Within his article are some great links to other articles that are useful as well. Check them out and a big thanks to Shailesh Ghimire.
  • Craig's Blog - Great vantage point from a Realtor's Perspective.
  • Down Payment Assistance - WIth the new bill a law, DPA programs have received the axe which means...1) if you are a potential buyer, then call me or any loan officer to get the ball rolling and find the house you want, or 2) if you eventually want to buy a home, then find a way to start saving money for the down payment.
  • H.R. Bill 3221 - Glutton for punishment or locked into your job as an LO then knock yourself. All the details in there you will need.

Hopefully that helps as you begin to research and evaluate what it all means.

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James said...


I am optimistic that this stimulus will increase enough liquidity for Fanny and Freddie so we can regain support for the housing market.

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