Monday, October 20, 2008

My Phoenix Lender

A couple of weeks ago, my former colleague at Silver State Bank, began her very own blog. Though I am jealous, as she seems to be more proficient at it than I am (see: Own domain name, good blog content, fun widgets), I am excited that she is continuing to increase her business through this tool. Her site is at the following link... .

If for no other reason then to check it out, go to her blog and say hello. If you want, say that I sent you - I don't get anything for it, just the satisfaction of seeing her become successful.

I hope to someday match her when it comes to my own domain name, etc. but for now, I enjoy active rain and the social interaction it provides.


Nick Bastian said...

Eric, don't sell yourself short. I think your blog looks fine. The main thing is, keep writing good stuff. You have a great style that people are attracted to. I, for one, enjoy following along.

Lauren Carper said...

You are so sweet. Thanks for the shamless plug Eric. I too enjoy the news and commentary on your blog and your family blog too! I found it. :) Hope to see you and Kelsey on Friday.

PS> Any good marketing plans lately?

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