Friday, May 29, 2009

Volatile - Can I have the defintion please?

This week was the Scripps National Spelling Bee. I didn’t watch all of it but on Monday, I happened to catch about 10 minutes of it on ESPN. What I found most interesting was the way the kids showed their pleasure or discomfort with the words immediately. One contestant looked as if she was about to begin dancing when the moderator (or whatever they call him) asked her to spell ____________. (Heck I don’t remember the word, it’s not like any of them are used in daily conversation anyway!!!)

However, it does bring me to the word of the week – Volatility.

Can I please get the definition? a. Tending to vary often or widely,
b. Tending to violence; explosive

Can I have it in a sentence? a. Mortgage interest rate volatility was very high this week

Can I have the language of origin? a. Yeah – It’s frustration (doubt that’s a language).

Can I have it in another sentence? a. Many mortgage consultants were volatile this week because interest rates were volatile.

Volatile – V – O – L – A – T - = “Oh, who cares, just tell me what is going to happen next week with interest rates.”

I hope you get the idea. At one point, yields swung by a percent and rates jumped almost .75%. But then now, on Friday, only about .125% higher than where we ended last week! It’s enough to make a person well…volatile.

Outside of that, nothing fantastic happened. D-backs are winning a bit more, Detroit and Pittsburgh are in a rematch for the Stanley Cup Finals (check out games 1 and 2 on NBC this weekend), and HVCC still stinks.

My last tidbit of knowledge...Hold the ones you love close and dear to your heart because life is fragile and we are only guaranteed today.

(My thoughts and prayers go out to the Swartz family as they lost their mom to a stroke at the age of 45 this past Sunday. She touched many lives. May we all hope to do the same!)

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