Monday, December 16, 2013

F - Is for Family.

I am going in reverse order - but it keeps things interesting.  Homeowners Financial Group USA, LLC - is committed to delivering 3 key concepts withing our business.  They are creatively crafted out of our initials...H...F...G.  Last week I spoke about the "G" and giving back and today the "F" - Family.  It's thrust comes in who we hire and how we do business.

F - Stands for Family.  We hire only likeminded individuals who value our family style culture, treating other employees like family members. 

The idea is that we are a family: working together for the goal of growing in every aspect of what we do.  This growth can be seen in the way we originate loans, in the strength of our numbers and in the way we lead in the industry.  This plan for growth allows a truly cohesive family to emerge where each individual wants the best for each other member and gives respect in each of their defined roles.  At HFG, we experience that daily as we strive for each LO to excel to their highest potential and each member, from Quality Control to President, to know they bring value to the overall experience of all our clients.

As our customers, you are a part of that family.  As soon as you begin working with a LO - we understand you deserve the respect, understanding, and care to be given just as if you were an immediate family member.  We know how important it is to feel wanted, needed, and ultimately respected by all parties in the transaction and so we value each client in a way that brings them into our family.

This is a goal that is not without merit and it's also a goal that is sometimes hard to achieve.  All families struggle, fight, and disagree - but the families that stay together and unite for a common purpose, achieve a great deal more than those who don't.  Sure we have our disagreements, sure we have difficult situations that we have to work through, but more importantly than that - we believe in each other and what each person means to our company.  All we work to do is extend that family feel to our clients.

So as you share your lives this week with family, whether near or far, remember that we value each other and our clients, the way you value the time you spend with yours.  Our goal is to be more than just a financial piece to your is to be the family that stands behind your needs and works to help your reach your dream of homeownership, debt free living, investment building, or whatever you choose to do with real estate.

In short, thank you to the team of people I work with at HFG - I couldn't do what I have done to this point without their love, care and support.  And thank you to my clients, who have allowed me into your family and thus have joined our family at HFG - without each other, it would make for a much less enjoyable experience.

From our Family here at HFG to all our extended Family clients - Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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