Wednesday, December 11, 2013

G stands for Giving Back - It's not just about us...

What's it mean if we aren't giving back?  We spend too much time concerned about our needs, our wants, our desires, that we miss out on valuable opportunities to help those around us who may truly be in need.  I believe that we must see the need in others and work to meet that need.  As part of Homeowners Financial Group USA, LLC - we are serious about that statement above.  Our committment to giving back to the community is so ingrained in us, it's part of our philosophy.

The G - stands for Giving BackAt the core of our corporate culture is the concept of giving back to the communities that have been so important to our success.

We are more than just about growing our company and reaping the rewards, we want to in turn give that back in a way that provides lasting impact.  This has been done through numerous events this year:

But nothing shows where are heart is more than THE CARE FUND.  As a mortgage bank we get the great responsibility of supplying hundreds of thousands of people the opportunity of owning their own home.  We take that responsibility seriously and we also take family seriously.  The Care Fund grew out of desire to ensure that whether good times or bad - we help people stay in their homes.  The Care Fund was designed to help families with children who are suffering from various illnesses to continue to make their mortgage payments while working through the illness.  As the motto goes, "A parent should never have to choose between working to pay the mortgage and caring for their child."  So we raise money in an effort to help/assist families all across the valley who are in need. 

We are nearly close to our goal of raising $1MM and I am fortunate enough to be a part of this company and have contributed nearly $4K based on the transactions I have closed this year.  It's an honor to be a part of our giving back in a way that is tangible to those we mean to serve. 

Before the year ends, take a look at The Care Fund as it may be something that you have a heart to contribute too. 

We aren't just about us - we stand for more than that!

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