Monday, December 23, 2013

H - Homeownership

The final piece in our philosophy.  H is for homeownership.  We are in the business of financing the most important (and largest) transacation that most people will have in their lifetime...and we don't take that responsibility lightly.  It's immensely important that we always remember that we play a huge part in ensuring a successful outcome for all of our clients.  If we fail to remember this, then we have missed the point.

H - stands for Homeownership.  We take pride in being able to hlep people complete the most important financial transaction they will ever have.

It can be about the commission, it can be about the prestige, it can be about being the best - but when it's about those things and not about the client, then something will most likely go wrong.  How do we keep it about the client?

  1. Communication/Teaching - Sure not everybody wants to know the details of what we do, but they do need to know that the file is important.  We show them it is important by communicating weekly the status of their home loan so they will rest easy that the home will soon be theirs.  When we run into snags, we find the solution and work the borrower through the process to reach the solution so they don't have anxiety.  We make sure they know what is going on and we are kind and considerate understanding that a lot is on the line. 
  2. Being Honest and Having Integrity - In the spirit of being honest - it's not always that easy.  It's easier sometimes to not make the "bad news" or "tough news" phone call  and instead opt for an impersonal email.  It's easier to ignore a red flag, then to be honest with what the borrower may be facing early in the process to make sure they know what may happen.  And in short, it's harder to be honest and have integrity then it is to be the opposite.  However, that is what we are called to do.  We stay honest, humble and gracious in order to help the client know we mean to work with them and not against them in the transaction.  In the end, the borrower should never fight their mortgage lender to secure the home they want to buy. 
  3. Listening to what they Need  - We have all been there, the sales guy across the table or on the phone, not hearing whatever it is you are telling them.  All they hear and see is that you are a potential sale or closing that earns them money.  They have missed the don't need to buy the biggest house on the street, you don't need to do a 30 YR Fixed loan because you want to pay the home off in 15 years, you don't want an ARM program to drive the rate down.  You want what you need and it's our job to help you work through your desires, wants and needs and find the right solution for you.  If it was about us and our team, then we wouldn't listen.  But it's not - it's about you, your family, your finances, and your new home.  So we listen and we help direct you to what fits you.  That's the key to listening.
These are but snapshots of how we work to help the client.  But most importantly, a wise man once told me, the real estate process is full of anxiety and we are defined by whether we help reduce that anxiety in the transaction or foster it's growth.  We work to reduce the anxiety, because with transactions that have so much meaning - if we don't, then we missed the point.  And missed it entirely.

Here's to continued homeownership for many clients in 2014 and beyond.

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